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Is the measure of your future leaders

being measured?


An organization lives or dies by the quality of its leaders. Understanding who they are, what motivates them, how they are performing, and whether or not they have the right skills to deliver results is a key part of securing business success.

Korn Ferry’s Assessment offering brings together an unrivaled array of tools, methodologies, and people. By harnessing the rigorous science of Lominger and PDI Ninth House (now Korn Ferry companies), we offer clients a leadership assessment capability that’s been shown in studies to be the most accurate in the industry.

Evidence-based success.

What is it that makes our assessments so effective? First, they are based on more than forty-five years of rigorous behavioral research. Second, we hone them continuously through our real-life experience of working with top organizations around the world.

We have dedicated tools and services for every stage of the leadership pipeline. Some are off the shelf. Some are custom made. All of them deliver actionable insight and precise results, enabling leaders to maximize their impact in a focused and efficient way.

Solutions tailored to your needs.

Our leadership assessments have many applications. For example, they can dramatically increase your odds of securing the right people, especially for roles at board and C-suite level. They can help you build a pool of high-performing mid-level leaders. And they can be used to identify and develop potential leaders at all levels of your organization. Whatever kind of leadership insight you’re looking for, we have a solution to match.

A selection of our tools and services.

  • Online self-assessments
  • Complex multi-rater (360°) tools
  • Live virtual assessments
  • High-touch in-person assessments
  • Assessment centers, providing simulated environments for interactive evaluation over several days

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