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The most pressing imperative for businesses today is the quest for impact and growth—with the biggest challenge being the talent and leadership needed to achieve and sustain them. But it’s not just people. It is the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

We offer a comprehensive suite of assessment services designed to enhance your organization’s talent selection, development, and succession management capabilities. Using our experience with some of the biggest and most diverse organizations around the world, our assessments can help you take the guesswork out of your most important decisions.

A clearer view of talent.

With Korn Ferry, you can more accurately identify:

  • Performance: The pool of leaders who are high performers today.
  • Potential: The people who have the potential to perform in more-demanding roles in the future.
  • Readiness: Those who are ready for the next challenge soon.
  • Fit: The ones who are an immediate fit for a key position.

With proven methods for measuring performance, potential, readiness, and fit, we can help your organization make selection and promotion decisions with confidence and design targeted development plans that accelerate readiness, so everyone can reach their full potential.

Our approach

Korn Ferry Four Dimensions of Leadership and Talent (KF4D)

Whereas most assessments only provide a partial view of a person, Korn Ferry assessments are based on our KF4D framework and provide the most holistic perspective available in the market today—covering individuals’ competencies, the experiences they have, their personality traits and what drives them, in comparison with the success requirements for specific roles.

Learn more about KF4D >>

Assessment methodologies

We use multiple methods, selecting the appropriate assessments and benchmarks for targeted levels of leadership to ensure you gain the insights you need.

Our assessments address all levels of leadership, from the C-suite and executives to first-level leaders and individual contributors, and include:

  • Multi-rater assessments: Delivered online or through phone interviews to assess leadership behaviors (in current role), through multi-rater feedback or stakeholder referencing.
  • Market-based interviews: Facilitated face-to-face or by video to compare functional, industry, and other experience against the role requirements for the company.
  • Behavioral leadership interviews: Facilitated face-to-face or by video to measure leadership behaviors, drivers, and experiences.
  • Leadership Inventories: Delivered online to measure leadership competencies, experiences, traits and drivers.
  • Business simulations: Delivered in-person to measure observable data on critical behaviors.


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Why partner with us?

Data-driven insight and talent analytics:

We take a big data approach to talent assessment—drawing on nearly 50 years of analytics and over four million professional assessments—recognizing what separates success from derailment for leaders in any role, function, industry, region, or organizational culture.

Reporting, feedback, and support:

All of our assessments provide results calibrated against global norms and they include feedback sessions—which provide an opportunity to clarify an individual’s or team’s strengths, development needs, and risks against all four dimensions of leadership and talent—and development planning, as well as options for ongoing support, coaching, and reviews.


Intellectual property licenses allow you to tailor our research‐based content to your organization’s business language and culture.

Global operations:

Our Global Survey Center offers a full-service administrative support option for organizations that want to outsource the administration of their assessment surveys. Our services may be utilized for corporate wide programs, large and small scale projects, or one-time events.

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