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Dan Plunkett

Senior Partner

Mr. Plunkett brings to Korn Ferry twenty-five years of experience working closely with the CEOs, boards of directors, and senior executives of global corporations around all aspects of change, including CEO effectiveness and development, CEO succession, executive leadership development, senior team development, board effectiveness, strategy development and alignment, operating environment effectiveness, and organization architecture.

He has worked with the CEOs of many Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies to design and implement large-scale change that has had transformational impact across the companies. He has had his most significant impact working with companies facing substantial challenges, both immediate and sustained. These key areas of the CEO's agenda have been the focus of Mr. Plunkett’s work.

Mr. Plunkett has worked closely with new CEOs as they assume the helm, and has often served as trusted advisor to those CEOs through their entire tenures, helping create their legacies.  He has also worked with CEOs in the middle of their tenure when the early steps taken by a CEO are often waning in effectiveness. Mr. Plunkett has helped successfully manage and execute the succession of numerous CEOs, and managed the dramatic challenges and opportunities that can come with changes in leadership at the top. 

Mr. Plunkett has helped CEOs and top leadership manage major mergers and acquisitions. He has also helped with the introduction of transformational technologies, new business models, and changes in competitor innovation to the market that altered the state of competition.

Over the past twenty-five years,  he has worked across many business sectors, including high technology, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, financial services, retail, telecommunications, real estate, and healthcare.

Mr. Plunkett  holds a doctoral degree in organization behavior from the University of Texas at Austin. 

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