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Marketing Services and Advertising

Korn Ferry’s Marketing Services and Advertising Sector focuses on providing companies and executives with strategic consulting to enhance and develop leaders and propel their businesses to the next level. Given the consolidation and transformation occurring within many of the existing companies, along with the development and introduction of newly created, high growth, more nimble ones, we have the expertise to help you navigate the quickly changing marketplace. Korn Ferry provides a full range of talent management solutions including assessment, personalized career development, succession planning, and strategic executive search. Our practice leverages these services to provide both talent and companies with the necessary tools to succeed.

Creative and strategic visionaries drive growth; agility equals success.

The global marketplace is undergoing a significant transformation. With the consolidation of major agencies, and the growth of many boutique businesses, competition for leadership at the senior level is high. The sought-after talent in this sector is transitioning to a more “hybrid” background with multi-sector and multi-platform expertise. With digital at the forefront, companies and leaders who are able to respond quickly and stay ahead of trends win. Leveraging data and metrics to drive results is critical to remaining competitive and compelling. Agencies and broader marketing services companies need to maintain a high level of focus on continued development and attainment of their talent to ensure their quickly evolving business strategy aligns with their one for talent.

We think differently about talent management with a creative approach.

Korn Ferry approaches your needs uniquely with a creative team of talent management executives who have expertise across marketing services, agencies leveraging broader media, consumer, technology, and digital to achieve innovative talent solutions. Skills needed to succeed in this sector are evolving and oftentimes unproven, given the digital age; we manage this with a creative, nontraditional approach to solutions that takes into consideration leaders across technology, consumer, media, and convergence. We are the only firm that can help you identify internal and external talent while simultaneously developing these leaders through engaging, proven solutions that meet and exceed expectations. We work with you to accurately identify leader potential, drive development, accelerate readiness, and energize transitions. Our assessment tools, along with our behavioral interviewing styles, provide the highest level of confidence for clients in their talent decision making. With proven experience partnering with first-rate agencies and marketing services companies, we develop long-term relationships with a hands-on philosophy, and truly understand the culture and values of your organization to elevate your company to the next level.

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