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Employer Brands & Talent Communications

Every successful company understands the value of consumer and corporate branding. But until recently, few organizations invested as much time and resources into their employer brand. All that is changing though, and changing fast.

The Employer Brands and Talent Communications practice at Futurestep works with some of the world’s leading businesses. We apply insight and creativity to ensure our clients stand out in the increasingly competitive market for talent — and we also build talent communities that are pioneering new ways of engaging and inspiring candidates.

Why invest in employer branding?

A strong employer brand helps organizations attract talent directly, which significantly reduces reliance on agencies and external specialists. But the benefits are not simply related to cost savings. Just as important is the broader value that an employer brand can deliver, such as the increased retention and deeper engagement of talented people already on the team.

What makes a successful employer brand?

Any employer brand should express a compelling truth about an organization’s career offering — exactly in the way that a consumer brand should say something true and compelling about a product or service. After all, without a key message that resonates and motivates, any marketing activity is likely to be little more than expensive noise.


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Futurestep can efficiently identify applicants who are 6x more likely to pass through hiring screening.

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