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Leadership Development: Specialized Programs

Leaders at all levels must hit the ground running—formulating and executing transformational strategies and, ultimately, creating a better organization. To prepare them to meet these demands, leadership development must be more than aligned with the business strategy—it must be part of the strategy.

Our specialized leadership development programs are tailored to prepare leaders for specific roles, functions, workplace or team cultures, and strategic initiatives that require heightened and specialized development. These programs cover many areas, from Transitions Coaching to Advancing Women in Leadership, and the Asian Leadership Program, among others.

C-Suite and Senior Executives

Korn Ferry Executive to Leader Institute Program

Our Executive to Leader Institute® equips executives for C-level roles and the challenges of leadership at the enterprise level. Highlights include working with a team of three consultants, representing one of three essential domains of leadership, plus a three-day in-residence to examine leadership holistically—personally, interpersonally, and organizationally.



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High Potentials

Korn Ferry Advancing Women in Leadership

Women are an underutilized source of educated, high-value talent. Organizations can maximize their results by not only recognizing the invisible headwinds that are impeding women, but also committing to remove those barriers. Through a Shared Responsibility approach, this program allows enterprises to accelerate individual, team, and organizational innovation and performance.


Korn Ferry Asian Leadership Program

Leaders in Asia, whether new or familiar with the region, can always benefit from a more deliberate and thoughtful approach to leading. Through the Asian Leadership Program, executives have access to the latest and most relevant research, acquire cutting-edge and highly impactful leadership skills, and are challenged to stretch their thinking to create practical solutions to the most pressing challenges for their region, their business, their teams, and themselves.





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