Korn Ferry

High Impact Sales Leaders

Better Coaching & Sales Management

Great sales organizations, great sales leaders.

Ensuring you have best-in-class sales talent is not enough. Great sales leadership is essential when it comes to delivering results.

All high performing sales organizations have one thing in common—great sales leaders. Sales leaders sit at the cross-roads of strategy and execution. They build a sense of mission and culture and ensure that your sellers are focused on the right activities. Sales leaders facilitate deals vs. rescuing them— they play the pivotal role of building and reinforcing new capabilities, and coaching performance. We help develop sales leaders who can tackle the challenges of driving growth and build effective sellers.

Core Sales Leader development programs include:

Sales Coaching & Management

  • Effective Sales Coaching
  • Accreditation Content – Sales Coaching
  • Foundation in Coaching
  • Sales Management
  • Learning Agility
  • Effective Communications
  • Engaged Coaching Conversation
  • Evaluation & Feedback
  • Enhanced Conflict Management
  • Coaching for Success

Sales Leadership (Leading Teams & Others)

  • Active Leader for Sales
  • Inspirational Leadership
  • Enhanced Conflict Management
  • Sales Management
  • Values in Action – Core Purpose and Career Meaning
  • Successful Managers Leadership Program (FLL/General)
  • Leadership Essentials (FLL/General)
  • High Impact (MLL) Leadership Program
  • Career Development
  • Expanding your Expressive Repertoire

Leading the Business

  • Enhanced Change Management
  • Strategic Agility
  • Problem Solving Leadership
  • Leading Innovation
  • Business Transformation Series
  • Finance Basics
  • Finance Value Creation
  • Finance – Analyze the Analysts
  • Communicating and Presenting Business Value
  • Voice of the Customer / Partner / Supplier
  • Enhanced Change Management