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Attracting World Class Sales Talent

Is it time to look outside for sales talent?

Building sales talent from the outside in.

Going outside to find sales talent is a risky venture and the impact of making a wrong hire often has a wide and lasting impact on an organization. We know what the DNA of today’s top sales talent looks like. We leverage this insight and our innovative IP to help clients attract and retain the right sales talent. Leveraging our groundbreaking assessment capabilities, we are able to provide the most holistic perspective on sales talent in the market today—covering competencies, personality traits, experiences, and motivations—our approach ensures you make the right hire every time.

Core Sales Talent recruitment solutions include:

  • Executive Recruitment
  • Professional Recruitment
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (Sales)
  • Onboarding

Typical elements include success profiles and assessments, coaching, development, and succession processes. By taking this whole-person approach to sales talent, we ensure that our clients have the right people with the right capabilities and fit, and that they are employing the most effective and current strategies to drive sales growth.