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better government.

Areas of practice.

Korn Ferry’s U.S. Government Consulting Services offers end-to-end talent management and organizational development aided by scientifically validated tools and processes, tested and proven at all levels within all types of organizations. The government team specifically focuses on the following solutions: 

Talent Strategy and Organizational Alignment 

Every organization’s business strategy has unique implications for its talent. We help organizations to understand these implications and to align their talent processes and capabilities with their strategy.

Leadership Development

An organization’s growth and success is directly linked to the quality of its leadership. We help build leaders who can solve the business challenges of today and create and execute successful strategies for the future.

  • Executive Development - Driving business performance and improving company valuation by developing a bench of strategically ready senior leaders who are engaged, motivated and equipped to activate the organization’s strategy to meet critical business challenges. Typically involves customized individual and team-based programs and processes.
  • High-Potential and Enterprise Leadership Development - Development programs for accelerating readiness for bigger and broader leadership roles, developing the next generation of leaders, and preparing leaders for increased complexities in current and future roles.
  • Coaching Services - Providing one-on-one coaching with leaders to drive skill development and behavior change, address derailers, improve leadership effectiveness, and prepare for or transition into future critical roles. Focuses on large systemic coaching engagements across the organization.

Succession Management 

Sustainable, ongoing succession management is essential for steady, long-term growth. We help organizations ensure that the right leaders are ready when and where they are needed, now and in the future.

Workforce Performance, Cultural Dexterity 

Organizations perform best when all segments of the employee population are fully engaged and contributing to their full capacity. We help organizations build and leverage a diverse workforce and create the environment, culture, and practices to unleash every individual’s potential.