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Leadership Development

Few factors have such a direct impact on an organization’s long-term growth and success as the quality of its leadership. We help develop leaders who can tackle the business challenges of the present, while also creating successful strategies for the future.

Our global network of experienced coaches, faculty and program managers deliver tailored learning solutions for individuals, teams, and groups within client organizations. The breadth of our expertise ensures we can maximize relevance across a wide range of industries, geographies, topics and functions.

The right kind of leadership development.

Most organizations have some kind of program for developing leaders in place. But all too often, the focus is on acquiring new skills, which may instantly become obsolete with the smallest shifts in technology, market behavior, or business strategy. Today’s rapidly changing world calls for a more contextual approach.

At Korn Ferry, we collaborate with you to create adaptable and relevant development solutions that accelerate your talent and business strategies. We do this by anchoring — not just aligning — to your organization’s strategy, mission, culture, and purpose. We also put equal weight on personal, team, and organizational development — prompting progress and momentum at all levels.

Few factors have such a direct impact on an organization's long-term growth and success as the quality of its leadership. According to their managers, participants in Korn Ferry's leadership development programs show 35% performance improvement within just two months.
*Korn Ferry Institute study, 2014


The value of effective development.

The benefits of having an effective development program are well documented. Studies show that differences in the quality of executive leadership explain as much as 45 percent of an organization’s performance.

Additionally, most growth-focused organizations are already in pursuit of a strategic shift — a change to their core business model that provides fuel for their continued growth, marketplace relevance, and financial health. But not all such shifts come to fruition, for many organizations. For myriad reasons, there is a well-documented gap between vision and execution. Developing leaders can be one of the driving forces in closing this strategy-execution gap, getting you closer to your vision of the future and realizing the potential in your organization and people. Here are some examples of strategic shifts from a number of our actual clients:

  • An aerospace and defense contractor sets out to mitigate the risk of decreasing defense spending in the U.S. by moving into commercial aerospace and select high growth international markets.
  • A global pharmaceutical company seeks to significantly expand its North American footprint by establishing a series of distribution partnerships and developing a differentiated sales force that captures increased physician mind share and time share.
  • An Indian IT services company attempts to fight the forces of commoditization and eroding margins by climbing the value chain, competing against the global IT consulting players, and pursuing sources of more strategic, longer-term, and higher-quality revenue.

We offer highly tailored solutions.

For us, the best “case study” will always be the client’s own business. This contextual approach creates a platform for real progress as leaders develop. Real work occurs as people grow, learn, and develop. In fact, as a result of development programs, our clients have started up new lines of business, launched innovative projects, transformed the cultures of their organizations, improved customer relationships, and achieved numerous financial gains. No off the shelf solution can achieve these types of outcomes.

Professional Development.

With more than one million copies in print, Korn Ferry's FYI For Your Improvement series has become the standard for leadership development at thousands of organizations around the globe.
100,000 interactions a month are generated by our leadership development programs.
More than 20,000 HR leaders have participated in Korn Ferry's HR certification courses, which include competency modelling, 360° feedback, learning agility and more.


The principles behind our design process.

Although the development support we offer varies from business to business, there are four core principles that underpin all our work:

  • Design in context: Make development relevant to business strategy, culture, and mission.
  • Develop the whole person: focus on what leaders need to be and do by building characteristics that are universally crucial and developing specific competencies based on context.
  • Treat development of leaders as a journey: learning and application occur in context with an intensity and time frame that match the strategy. 
  • Service is fundamental: Leadership at its core is about service to others. The opportunity to contribute beyond one’s self activates inherent leadership capability and enables people to experience the power and impact of true leadership.

Growing top talent for the future.

Through our tailored programs and research-based, time-tested methodologies, we help organizations develop leaders who can meet uncertainty with understanding, transform complexity into clarity, and find, in the volatile conditions of the present, a compelling vision of the future. In other words, we help leaders — and, by extension, their organizations — blaze a trail through uncharted territory and realize their full potential for strategic growth.

A selection of our services.

  • Executive Development: Drives business performance and improves company valuation by developing a bench of strategically ready leaders who are engaged and motivated to activate the organization’s strategy to meet critical business challenges.
  • High-Potential and Pivotal Leader Development: Accelerates readiness for bigger and broader leadership roles as well as the increased complexities of current leadership roles.
  • Enterprise Development: Helps clients develop the next generation of leaders at all levels of the organization.
  • Development Coaching: Provides one-on-one coaching with leaders to accelerate their advancement in expanding self-awareness, improving leadership effectiveness, and preparing for future critical roles in the organization.   |
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