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Workforce Performance, Inclusion & Diversity

Securing growth in today’s increasingly competitive world means leveraging your entire workforce, not just a select few employees. The most successful organizations accomplish this by creating an environment in which everyone is empowered to develop, contribute, and achieve. Is your organization one of them?

Our Workforce Performance, Inclusion & Diversity practice works with many of the world’s leading organizations to help them maximize human potential. Our solutions are designed to:

  • Optimize the contribution of talent wherever it is found in the organization
  • Create an inclusive environment where all employees are engaged
  • Build competence and accelerate leadership development of your underrepresented talent
  • Support the career progression of high value, high potential, and diverse talent

Research-based development framework.

Our solutions leverage the Four Stages of Contribution development framework. Based on research pioneered by former Harvard Business School professors, the Four Stages is a proven framework for individual performance and development. It shows that careers do not proceed in a straight line based on level but instead are characterized by four distinct career stages:

  • Stage 1: Contributing Dependently
  • Stage 2: Contributing Independently
  • Stage 3: Contributing Through Others
  • Stage 4: Contributing Strategically

Each stage requires different activities, skills, and interaction. Expanding one’s contribution or moving to another stage is a complex transition that demands a significant internal shift in an individual’s thinking.

Capacity-building mindset.

We take a capacity-building approach to employee development. A capacity-building mindset supports the idea that there are no limitations to an individual’s ability to grow, learn, and develop. By reducing bias and barriers to development, an employee’s skills and level of contribution can expand significantly.

Promoting continuous improvement.

There are many different ways in which we help organizations build and sustain employee development efforts. Three key areas are:

  • Effective communications
    Communication is a critical competency at every level, across every industry. But too often, professionals aren’t capable of effectively conveying new ideas or key concepts, or let a fear of public speaking limit them from taking on new projects or roles. Our learning programs help people maximize their impact, no matter what the communication challenge.
  • Efficacy
    Efficacy, defined as “the power to produce a desired effect,” has proven to be an essential career-building tool for diverse professionals. Our Efficacy programs help individuals gain the skills and strategies they need to build their presence, communicate with impact, and display their maximum potential.
  • Cultural Dexterity
    Demographic shifts and the increasingly global workplace have made cross-cultural competencies vital for success in all business relationships. We are experts at helping employees develop Cultural Dexterity, a unique set of skills that enable collaboration, alignment, and communication across multiple dimensions of diversity.

Our team.

In 2012, Korn Ferry acquired Global Novations, a leader in diversity and inclusion and talent optimization. As a result, we now have some of the foremost experts working in this field.   | 

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