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Alejandro Dominguez

Associate Client Partner & Office Manager
Alejandro Dom'nguez is the director of Business Operations of Korn Ferry for Central America and the Caribbean, in addition to being the CRD of several projects and clients in the Region.

He helps organizations to function effectively by proposing, designing and implementing solutions derived from strategic planning to generate tangible benefits.

Mr. Dominguez has participated in high impact efforts throughout diverse industry sectors, such as finance, the oil industry, services, sales and retail, media and communications, contact centers, industrial and tourism.

His key role is to define strategies and conduct consulting as a business, in addition to the development of relations with key customers in the long term, as well as the generation of business related solutions and Enterprise management. In the run of his career he was responsible for the promotion, sales, management, and execution of projects related to needs and requirement of companies in Mexico.

Mr. Dominguez has supported Executives in organizations to reach and take and generate thoughtful solutions through evaluation processes, and reflective exercises that helped them reach their set scope and goals.

Mr. Dominguez has worked in most areas of expertise within Korn Ferry, however, maintaining that his focus areas are the definition of business models; Strategic Planning; Operational Systems Design; Planning and Implementing Performance driven Administrative Systems; Designing and Sizing of Bespoke Organizational Structures; Designing and implementing Fixed, Variable, and Executive Compensation Schemes; Programs of Evaluation and Development of Capacities and Skills; Among others.

Mr. Dominguez entered the Company through Korn Ferry in Mexico in 2002. In 2006 he got transferred to Costa Rica with the function of implementing strategies, and to drive growth and run operations of the firm in Central America and The Caribbean regions.

Mr. Dominguez has been involved in various international and regional forums related to Business Management and Entrepreneurial and Organizational Solutions.

Mr. Dominguez graduated from ‘La Universidad La Salle en Mexico', with Major in Industrial Engineering.

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