Senior Principal, Culture & Change

Ms. Delahanty is part of the Culture, Change and Communications team within Organizational Strategy helping organizations and their leaders understand and define where they are headed and to move effectively toward a better and clear version of themselves.

Denise is passionate about helping organizations align what they say they are to the outside with what they are set to deliver from the inside, starting with positioning. Being crystal clear about what and who an organization is aiming at and what their uniqueness is to get there is the starting place. Then defining the culture that will support that and the change process to get there are the next pieces of the puzzle.

This approach comes from over 30 years of business and organizational strategy work most recently as a partner with Accountability Plus helping audit functions prepare for their future. Prior to that, she spent over a decade as a corporate partner/senior principal with a major market research and employee consulting company in employee and customer engagement, talent work, and employee value proposition efforts. She served many industries including financial services, healthcare, government, industrial, CPG, hospitality, and others.

Prior to this, Ms. Delahanty spent years developing targeting and messaging strategies and tools as the vice president of strategy and research with a division of Omnicom and smaller advertising agencies, as a state planning director with Mn/DOT and in product management roles with Pillsbury/General Mills and RJR Nabisco - where she was part of the team that came up with the California Raisins commercials.

Ms. Delahanty’s formal education includes an MBA in marketing from Cornell and BA in International Relations from Carleton College.

She has served on various boards including a national non-profit focusing on women’s heart health and currently leads her local homeowner’s association.