Senior Principal

Kirsten is a Senior Principal with Korn Ferry spending much of her time devoted to coaching leaders within a high-tech company.

With over 20 years of experience in business, Kirsten has been an earnest leader in global education, diversity & inclusion, of people, culture and coaching.

Her expertise facilitating groups, from leaders to front line employees, enables her to have unique access to the most common barriers preventing success. 

Kirsten has created content for both Diversity and Inclusion as well as for Women in Business. She is a published author on topics such as company culture, failure, leadership, diversity and inclusion, and women in business. These publications can be found on Forbes, and LinkedIn. She has written and published a book focused on empowering women titled Unleash Your Power. Her work with new people leaders uncovered a soft skills gap which led her to write a short guide titled The Intentional Leader which equips new people leaders with critical interpersonal skills. She has also created a course on this subject found on LinkedIn Learning called Best Practices for New People Leaders.

Kirsten holds many credentials which include a CPCC from The Coaches Training Institute, ICF accredited PCC, certified Health & Wellness Coach, a Bachelor’s in Business, and a Master's in Psychology.