Senior Consultant, Facilitator

In her work as Senior Consultant, Facilitator, Mette Aubé supports clients’ investments in their people.

Curiosity, adaptability, and a passion for the people behind an organization provide the foundation for Mette’s approach to facilitation. She both challenges and supports learners to create connections between the tools and concepts learned and the work they do. Participants leave her sessions feeling capable, energized, and excited to apply what they have learned.

She has facilitated in a variety of contexts, from in-person and virtual training sessions. Public and private training events, along with, ward meetings for key stakeholders. Her audiences range from C-suite to newly-promoted managers. Mette has delivered sessions virtually and in-person, both in Europe and North America.

Mette’s background includes first-hand experience as a mid-level and senior leader in higher education, architecture, and engineering. She has background in creative industries and is a specialist in translating scientific knowledge to general audiences in a variety of media.

The range and depth of her professional experiences help Mette bring a perspective to her sessions that is rooted in intellectual rigor but is flexible and deeply human. She helps her students think critically and strategically about their work as they apply different lenses and models to the problems they are solving and goals they are working towards.

Mette holds a Master of Arts.