Associate Client Partner

As your partner on the human side of change I work on achieving results by developing leaders to their fullest potential and creating a context that is supportive and in line with the future ambition of your organisation.

For over 20 years Nicole has been working with many large companies on organizational  transformation, cultural change, strategic  alignment, innovation and leadership  development. She is passionate about change. She helps organizations and leaders achieve long term business results, by creating a clear north star, breaking systemic  patterns and leading in a consistent manner using the strengths and talents of the people.

One of her core strengths is her creativity she uses to inspire people, to think outside the box and to create disruption. She plays with a mindset to win vs. not to lose, this fits her personality and past experience as an athlete.

A common thread in her career has always been the connection between Leadership & Change. The different roles that she has fulfilled throughout the years help her to connect proven theoretical frameworks with innovative-/ disruptive ideas and practical working experience

She has a master degree in Organisational  Behaviour and a Bachelor in Public  Administration. She is fluent in Dutch and English