Senior Partner, Global Account Lead, Global Industrial Market

Patrick O’Meara is a Senior Partner based in Detroit.  

Mr. O’ Meara is responsible for managing global accounts and is focused on overseeing the relationships of some of Korn Ferry’s largest industrial clients within the firm’s Global Industrial Market.

Prior to joining Korn Ferry, he worked with Big Four Public Accounting, Tax and Consulting Firms, KPMG and Ernst & Young while serving General Motors and the Ford Motor Company.

He has been a global leader for thirty years within national and global services, software, and business consulting companies in every region of the world for some of the largest and most complex industrial clients.

He has managed a portfolio of business spanning strategy, talent, mergers and acquisitions, finance transformation, global compliance, global product development, purchasing and supply chain, tax and marketing sales, and service. He also has led significant international project delivery teams. Though the team members were diverse in many ways, they were able to perform as one global team exceeding anticipated targeted results.

Mr. O’Meara holds a bachelor of arts degree in communications and business from Pittsburg State University. He has participated as an advisor to software and services executives and board of management teams around mergers and acquisitions and initial public offer activities surrounding global growth within the United States and European Regions.