Accelerating industrial sales team performance

Whether it be globalization, gains in productivity, changing strategies or new technologies, Industrial companies are in an era of constant change

The companies that survive and thrive will be those who are able to adapt and provide true value for their customers. This transformation means that the Sales function at Industrial companies must also change. It will require Sales to be highly agile, data driven, and able to deliver complex offerings that provide organizational impact for customers. This often requires new skills and traits from Sales to deliver on this promise.

Please join us to learn how Tyco maximized its sales force's effectiveness. During the webinar you'll learn:

  • How Tyco developed a consistent, global recruiting process to ensure it had the talent needed to fuel its growth
  • How Tyco drove sales growth by analyzing their sales incentive plan performance and effectiveness to make strategic decisions where to invest resources
  • What your organization can start thinking about to increase your sales team's effectiveness and accelerate your organization's sales

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