Re-imagining talent strategy webinar

Our latest research on the Talent Crunch highlights how the lack of skilled workers needed to drive business strategy could be the defining issue of the age, threatening the GDP of nations as well as the profitability of organisations.

8 out of 10 business leaders told us they recognise their companies’ ability to improve workers’ skills, and to redeploy their talent will be critical to success in the future of work. But few are taking necessary action.

Leaders need to act now to identify the people in their organisations who have the right traits and capabilities so they can begin to build the workforce needed for the future. Creating greater alignment between your organisation goals and your leadership and talent strategy has never been more important.

Join our webinar to learn:

  • How to make choices and focus.

  • How to structure for transformation, not tradition,

  • How to put simplification at the heart.

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