The science of a successful drug launch:

Part one: Developing the recruitment strategy

At the onset of a product launch, an organization and its talent acquisition team have many options to consider. Depending on the needs of the business, does it make sense to leverage contingent staffing firms, partner with a CSO, support expansion via internal channels, seek a RPO provider or some combination therein?

With speed, quality and cost as top priorities, how can teams plan effectively to meet tight deadlines without compromising candidate quality? Understanding just how specialized the therapeutic area is and what level of experience is required for each role are essential to optimizing sourcing efforts.

Join us for the first webinar in our three-part series on sales expansion talent acquisition where we will discuss the elements of a successful recruitment strategy and how to tailor it to the goals and needs of the business. For more about the series in its entirety, please visit the series landing page.

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