Korn Ferry and The IoT Talent Consortium Partner to Overcome the Talent Challenges of Digital Transformation


London 23 February, 2018 — Korn Ferry (NYSE:KFY) has today announced a partnership with The IoT Talent Consortium. Together, they will help The IoT Talent Consortium’s members effectively execute digital transformation in organizations, elevating awareness of the role of employees in bringing about change.

The IoT Talent Consortium is a non-profit organization, working globally across industries to inspire, create, and grow the organizations and workforces needed to drive IoT-enabled digital transformation. Korn Ferry will support members, including Microsoft, Cisco and General Electric, with real-world insights, research and advice on best practice so that employee participation in the change process is better understood and managed.

Two partners from Korn Ferry, including Global Technology Market Principal Vinay Menon and Senior Client Partner Prith Banerjee, are joining the Consortium’s advisory board to offer a global perspective on how the talent challenges inherent to digital transformation can be overcome, and how the digital transformation strategy can be realized.

“Gaining employee support and buy-in is fundamental to achieving successful digital transformation. Strategy needs to cascade through an organization. All employees need to live and breathe it every day to bring it to life,” said Menon. “Korn Ferry brings a wealth of experience in change management to the IoT Talent Consortium, drawing on extensive knowledge managing the organizational impact of next generation technologies, from IoT, to machine learning, AI and analytics.”

“Korn Ferry understands people, and we’re looking forward to sharing a table with peers in progressive organizations looking to unleash the potential of their people through a digital approach,” said Banerjee.

Korn Ferry research indicates that 75 percent of organizations lack confidence in their ability to execute a digital strategy and 84 percent of executives doubt that their organizations possess the skills and capabilities required to deliver change.

“There is an acute need to discuss and resolve these challenges, which we intend to meet through our partnership with the IOT Talent Consortium,” added Banerjee.

“Korn Ferry has an abundance of experience in empowering organizations to successfully transform, by helping them to realize their workforce’s talent and capabilities,“ said Dr. Trent Salvaggio, Executive Director of the IoT Talent Consortium. This is crucial to the effective execution of any strategy. We look forward to collaborating with Korn Ferry.”

About Korn Ferry

Korn Ferry is a global organizational consulting firm. We help companies design their organization – the structure, the roles and responsibilities, as well as how they compensate, develop and motivate their people. As importantly, we help organizations select and hire the talent they need to execute their strategy. Our approximately 7,000 colleagues serve clients in more than 50 countries.

About The IoT Talent Consortium

The IoT Talent Consortium was conceived at the Internet of Things World Forum in 2014 and incorporated as an industry non-profit in 2015. Together, the IoT Talent Consortium sets the industry standard in helping organizations complete their digital transformations, leveraging industry best practices in change management, culture, and organizational capability development. Members include Cisco, General Electric, Rockwell Automation, Microsoft, MIT Sloan School of Management, Pearson Workforce Readiness, New York Academy of Sciences, the State of Illinois, and workforce management consultant Beeline.

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