Korn Ferry's Candidate Compass Reveals Corporate Leaders' Opinions on Presidential Candidates' Leadership Competencies


- According to Corporate Leaders, Despite Leading on Super Tuesday, Trump and Clinton Lag Rivals in Key Skills -

LOS ANGELES, March 2, 2016 - Korn Ferry (NYSE:KFY), the preeminent global people and organizational advisory firm, today reveals the findings of its Candidate Compass—in essence, a “Super Tuesday leadership exit poll” that sheds light on how the leadership skills of Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, John Kasich and Ben Carson stack up in the eyes of U.S. workforce professionals.

Asking respondents to evaluate the presidential candidates against Korn Ferry’s four dimensions of leadership and talent (KF4D), the Candidate Compass revealed the following results, among others:

  • Both party frontrunners fall far behind on Trust and Authenticity – Trump and Clinton, the definitive leaders in the presidential race after Super Tuesday, score significantly below their fellow candidates when it comes to their ability to instill trust, with only 25% and 12% of respondents, respectively, rating the candidates highly. Both Trump (43%) and Clinton (14%) also score the lowest when it comes to authenticity.
  • Trump lags on depth of experience – While 90% feel Clinton possesses the greatest depth of experience, only 28% feel Trump possesses the same depth.
  • Trailing candidates are more effective communicators – Sanders leads the candidates in communicating effectively with 66% of respondents ranking him highly, followed closely by Rubio (64%). At the bottom are Trump and Clinton with 34% and 40%, respectively.
  • Taking risks, but can they weather the results? – With an average of 88%, Trump leads candidates in risk taking, followed at a distance by Cruz (61%). Yet Trump, at 24%, is seen as the least composed of the candidates, while rival Kasich comes in at the top of the charts, a full 50 percentage points above Trump.
  • For Trump, power is a driver, while collaboration lags – 79% of respondents feel Trump is the candidate most driven by a need to rule the country. However, only 25% feel Trump is driven by the opportunity to join together with others to improve the well-being of the country.

About Korn Ferry

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About the Korn Ferry Candidate Compass

The Korn Ferry Candidate CompassSM evaluates the 2016 presidential candidates based on Korn Ferry’s four dimensions of leadership and talent (KF4D). Online survey results were submitted to Korn Ferry through the Candidate Compass survey platform between February 27, 2016 and March 2, 2016. The survey results should be considered solely the opinions of the survey participants and not those of Korn Ferry or Korn Ferry’s directors, officers, employees or affiliates. Nothing herein should be interpreted as an endorsement of any candidate. This is not a scientific poll and is provided solely for your personal informational and entertainment purposes. Korn Ferry makes no representations or warranties regarding the accuracy or completeness of any reports, analysis or studies produced using the content contained on the survey.

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