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Advancing Women Exponentially

The evidence is compelling: a more balanced representation of women in top leadership positions produces better financial results. So, what is getting in the way of women being more equally represented at all rungs of companies’ ranks?

The fact is, women are currently an underutilized source of innovation, performance and leadership in organizations – and there’s a lack of common understanding of what it takes for organizations to maximize the potential of female leaders and talent.

To ‘move the needle’ and drive business results, organizations need to work with their female talent and the ecosystem together. When companies have both gender diversity and leaders with the skills to understand, manage and leverage differences – increases in performance and innovation inevitably follow.

Women are an underutilized source of talent. Organizations can maximize their results by not only recognizing the headwinds that are impeding women, but also committing to remove those barriers.

A shared responsibility approach drives sustainable change

The Korn Ferry Women In Leadership Program has been designed specifically for high potential and senior-level female executives to help them achieve their ambition to contribute to the strategic business agenda.

At the heart of our leadership development programs are self-awareness, dialogue, and a sharedresponsibility approach to tackling the obstacles that prevent highest performance and advancement.

A central feature of our work in this area is a multi-day experience that supports women in gaining the skills, strategies, and momentum needed to accelerate professional development in male-dominated environments. Korn Ferry offers women concrete strategies to build and sustain confidence, build personal effectiveness, and shape their careers in ways that are most valuable to them and their organization.

Lack of women in leadership is a symptom of a larger leadership challenge
The need for change is not just about gender balance. In a hyper-competitive world, organizations need agile leaders who can optimize and leverage talent with different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to drive innovation and market growth. The lack of women in leadership is the symptom of a lack of leadership and organizational agility to proactively develop, manage, and optimize the unique talents of diverse leaders.

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