Make rapid and confident hiring decisions with Korn Ferry Select – and accelerate the performance of your people and organization.

Finding and hiring talented employees is proving ever more challenging. Korn Ferry Select uses world-class data and research to identify the people who will drive your strategy and achieve your business goals. With Korn Ferry Select, you can:

  • Identify what “good” looks like using best-in-class Success Profiles
  • Get clear predictions of an individual’s fit to a role
  • Assess candidates using scientifically robust assessments
  • Enhance the candidate experience using immersive multi-media

Entry-level assessment

Rapidly sift volume applications to select the right talent.

Volume-based entry-level roles attract up to five times the average number of applicants (and more during seasonal ramp-ups). So use Korn Ferry Select to find the right talent quickly. Our Entry-Level pre-hire assessment solution identifies the key competencies needed for success in the role, and then rapidly sifts applicants using an engaging, science-based process.

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Graduate assessment

Identify the high-performing graduates most likely to thrive.

Successful graduate recruitment is about knowing what to assess – and how to assess it. Use Korn Ferry Select to identify the high-quality graduates your organization needs. Our Graduate pre-hire assessment solution addresses the challenge of high graduate turnover with a holistic and effective assessment process that identifies candidates who are the right 'fit' for both the role and the organization.

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Professional assessment

Make sure applicants have the skills your business needs.

As professional roles become increasingly varied and complex, good candidates are becoming both harder to find—and harder to recruit for. Korn Ferry Select helps employers swiftly and accurately identify applicants with the right skills. Our Professional pre-hire assessment solution uses best-in-class Success Profiles to give clear predictions of a candidate’s fit to any given role – along with automatically-generated job descriptions, interview guides, and assessment criteria.

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Manager assessment

Find and hire the people managers your business depends on.

Good people managers are critical to your organization’s performance whereas poor people managers don’t only underperform - they can damage teams and the bottom line. So use Korn Ferry Select to identify the high-performing people you need. Our scientifically robust Manager pre-hire assessment solution helps select individuals with the right capabilities, competencies, traits, drivers, and people management skills for any given role.

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Assessments in action: tools and reports

Korn Ferry Select give you instant access to joined-up real-time data and insights, with easy-to-interpret customizable reporting and configuration options to make the assessments your own.

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Choose the level of assessment support that you need

We know that every organization is different. So, we make using Korn Ferry Select as flexible as possible, and offer a choice of services, support and consulting to suit your business needs.

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Diagnose and manage talent gaps among existing employees

Looking to get more from the talent you already have?  We also offer assessments to help you target professional development for all employees, identify your high potentials, and see who is ready for leadership promotion.

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