Effective compensation and incentive plans are critical tools for smart sales organizations. They allow for differentiation based on individual performance - recognizing consistently high performers and motivating average performers to improve. They also sharpen the focus on sales performance by creating reward cycles aligned with sales results. Perhaps most significantly, a compensation and incentive plan is the primary system through which employees can be incented to achieve key business objectives. For this reason, it is essential that an organization’s sales compensation strategy be fully aligned with overall sales strategy, and be specifically designed to drive business objectives and execute revenue growth.

At Korn Ferry, we work closely with clients to perform ongoing assessment of sales compensation programs, ensuring that they are clearly communicated, fully aligned to organizational strategies, consistent with corporate culture - and designed to attract, retain and reward valuable employees. We test for simplicity, differentiation, accountability and attainability, ensuring your sales compensation strategy attracts top sales professionals, recognizes the significant role they play in the company’s business, aligns pay opportunity with the business objectives of the company - and creates an ongoing dynamic synergy between the sales employee and the organization.


  • We are global in reach. We have sales compensation implementation experts in 56 countries around the world.
  • We know how to build teams. Our team members contribute valuable expertise built on deep experience and geographical and industry diversity.
  • Our assessment data is deep. Our data collection technologies and methodologies allow us to uncover hidden insights and practical information sorted by size and targeted by industry.




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