In today’s fast-paced, highly competitive business environment, sales professionals must be adaptable, responsive and be able to anticipate changes and capitalize on new opportunities. And organizations must be able to adjust sales compensation practices in line with changing market dynamics, and the specific nuances required of a sales compensation plan in the ongoing battle to find and retain this talent.

Our expert consultants leverage quantifiable market data and propriety database information to benchmark the latest best practices and market trends in attracting and appropriately compensating key talent. We have unparalleled, comprehensive data on sales compensation and organizations – collected around the world and distributed across a wide range of industries and sectors. We combine this data with our rewards consulting expertise to develop a deep understanding of business and sales goals, provide practical insight, and create parameters for compensation and retention. And we build comprehensive, data-backed solutions that help forward-thinking organizations create an achievable compensation and incentive plan that provides bottom line impact and meets the specific needs of the organization.


When it comes to benchmarking, our data is deep. Our sales compensation and organization database is unrivaled, offering a clear vision and context for critical compensation decisions. We access benchmarking data on:

  • Sales incentives – We captures data from 880 organizations and 10,300 plans, including retail sales-specific data on 210 organizations and 1,400 plans.
  • Incentive target achievement – Includes 270,000 records from 930 organizations cataloging differences in payouts between top and average performers.
  • PayHub compensation databases – Global compensation data for sales roles for base salary and total cash.
  • Sales headcount – Details from 15,900 organization records across 49 countries on sales force size by job role, with information split out by country, sector, and revenue size.
  • Sales role value matrix – Information on incentive plan design, hierarchy levels, technical competencies, and job titles.
  • Sales territory size – Catalogs sales position quota figures and achievement.




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