Four Australian Companies are Honoured with the 2019 Korn Ferry Engaged Performance Awards

Seventy-one companies from across the globe, including four from Australia, are being honoured with the Korn Ferry Engaged Performance Awards. The third-annual award program recognises employers with superior levels of performance in two key categories: employee engagement and employee enablement.

The award analysed two key elements of our engagement survey that are proven measures of overall motivation, loyalty and well-being:

  • Engagement: I feel proud to work for the company. I would recommend the company as a good place to work.
  • Enablement: My job makes good use of my skills and abilities. Conditions in my job allow me to be as productive as I can be.
Award winners in Australia this year, all of which won the awards in both the engagement and enablement categories, are: Toyota Motor Corporation Australia (TMCA), Elders, Statewide Super, and Keystart Home Loans.

“The Korn Ferry Engaged Performance Award says a lot about the work that we’ve done to create a culture of pride in working at Statewide Super,” said Statewide Super CEO, Tony D’Alessandro.

Our increasingly interconnected and global world is experiencing periods of major transitions. During such times, engaged employees can be a powerful asset. “Toyota Motor Corporation Australia has been through many years of transition, from the closure of Manufacturing to the relocation of its Sales & Marketing Function from Sydney to Melbourne. Through this significant change our focus has been on clarifying each and every employee’s contribution to the company, developing our employees to bring out the best of their talents and continuously looking to remove barriers that get in the way of getting things done.” Says Jack Hobbs, General Manager, People & Business Development at TMCA.

Pointing to the importance of an engaged and enabled workforce, a recent Korn Ferry analysis of more than 500 companies showed a direct correlation between an engaged and enabled workforce and financial performance. Korn Ferry research has consistently demonstrated that employee engagement is a leading indicator of sustainable organisational performance.

Growth in sales:

  • Companies where employees scored highly on engagement saw double sales growth during a 5-year period than those with low-scoring engagement scores.
  • Companies where employees scored highly on enablement saw nearly triple sales growth during a 5-year-period than those with low-scoring marks in this area.
“Elders is celebrating its 180 year anniversary this year. We have a long history of supporting communities across rural Australia. Our success has been built on our employees pride in our brand, which has a direct impact on strong business performance,” says Olivia Richardson, GM People & Culture.
The benefits of employee engagement can be seen not only in an organisation’s results, but also in the health of its communications, systems and processes. Our recent analysis of Korn Ferry Engaged Performance Award winners shows that levels of employee advocacy and pride and markedly higher in our award winners.

Engagement levels amongst the award winners:

Congratulations to our 2019 winners, all of whom clearly understand the tremendous business benefits that an engaged and enabled workforce can deliver. These awards publicly recognise the great strides organisations have made in building work environments in which people thrive and want to stay.

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Methodology The awards are based on results from the Korn Ferry employee engagement database, which holds opinion survey data from 7 million respondents in more than 60 countries across the globe. Winners are calculated according to the percentage of respondents in the organisation who either ‘strongly agree’ or ‘agree’ with the key question statements. To take part in future awards, contact us.