Retain your best people: avoid the high potential trap

Maximising potential is truly at the top of the business agenda. Our recent research shows that in the last five years organisations have increased their focus on high potential programs. But despite more emphasis being put on high potentials, our research also found that only one in ten HR professionals are happy with their Hi-Po programs.

One of the reasons for this dissatisfaction is that an organisation’s most talented employees are often among the ones that find opportunities elsewhere. This topic surfaced repeatedly in the questions asked during our webinars, highlighting that HR teams are acutely aware of the high potential trap: they understand that not everyone who gets the development investment stay with the company.

So, how do you keep your high potential talent from leaving? In these two short videos, our talent and engagement experts share tips to increase retention of your most talented employees.

How do you retain your high potential talent?

Rebecca Bose, Senior Principal at Korn Ferry, share tips to make your high potential stay.

Nadhisha Piyasena, Client Director at Korn Ferry, shares three things you can do to retain your top talent.