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Korn Ferry’s Fintech practice focuses on helping firms find, develop, and retain best-in-class talent by utilizing the leading intellectual property in the human capital industry. The Financial Services Industry is undergoing seismic transformation driven by market forces, increased regulation and relentless innovation. The Banking Technology function has transformed from just providing behind-the-scenes infrastructure to offering more customer-centric solutions for banks to more fully engage with the end user. The individual payment has become crucial for merchants who want to offer their customers an omni-channel experience in a secure environment. Shortage of liquidity following the financial crisis has given rise to a new breed of non-bank consumer lenders, and Cloud storage and advanced analytics technology is enabling insurance companies in particular to access and exploit data faster and more efficiently. The leadership requirements for all these companies is unique, and the most successful executives in this transformative environment need to balance technical understanding with traditional management skills and vision, with a deep understanding of the end user.

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