Make your age your advantage

Every demographic brings something wonderful to the workplace.

“Baby Boomers are exceptionally hardworking and loyal; they’re determined to succeed.”

Have you ever thought about how your age can affect your experiences? Or the experiences of others? We’ve looked at the working tendencies of the three main generations, and the benefits they each bring to a business.

Millennials: the young disruptors

  • Extremely tech-savvy digital natives
  • They created the remote working revolution, and can work anywhere, anytime
  • Fast working, smart-thinking style helps them generate new ideas and innovate
  • Prepared to push boundaries and take risks

Baby Boomers: the wise workers

  • Bring the most experience to the table; their years of work have made them highly resilient
  • Networking ninjas; they excel at face-to-face interactions and love to pick up the phone
  • Exceptionally hardworking and loyal; they’re determined to succeed
  • They’re motivated by perks, position and professional accomplishments

Gen-xers: the playful balancers

  • Independent, resourceful, self-sufficient, flexible; these are today’s leaders
  • Work hard, play hard mentality; they invented fun in the workplace
  • The first generation in which women have had significant professional success
  • Non-conformists unimpressed by authority; they like to shake things up

Clearly, every generation is bringing something great to the table. That’s why diversity is such an asset, giving organizations a broader range of skills and strengths to work with.

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