Working the family shift

Evolve or lose your people

“It’s time to think about time differently and to give parents—and everyone, in fact—the space to be open about their obligations.”

A new generation of parents want to fulfill their ambitions without compromising their families. Are you ready for them?

There was a time when taking a day off work to look after a sick child was a big ‘No’.  Not anymore. Parents want to be parents 24/7 without giving up on their ambitions at work. Organizations which aren’t ready to be flexible risk losing some of their most talented people.   

Research has found that having children makes execs more productive.  People with children score high on tests for emotional intelligence, they also tend to be good decision makers and resilient. Exactly the kind of leaders your organization will need tomorrow.

The challenge is finding ways to empower working parents to toggle between work and family.

Organizations must embrace new inclusive ways of thinking, such as:

  1. Be flexible about when work gets done. The post 8pm ‘parent shift’ is essential for parents wanting to advance their careers.
  2. Embrace new tech like Microsoft Teams and Google Docs which eliminate the need for some meetings altogether.
  3. Prioritize performance over hours at a desk.
  4. Keep early mornings and the dinnertime hour as meeting-free zones.
  5. Reinvent workplace culture so that parents can be open about their obligations.  

There is no escaping the facts: work is changing. Parents are finding ways to be engaged at home and excel at work.  Organizations which want to keep their best talent need to evolve.  

Learn more about how you, and your company, can embrace and balance the parent shift.

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