Preparing for the revolution

How the World’s Most Admired Companies are tackling the digital challenge

“Clearly define what you want, make it happen, and then measure its effectiveness.”

Korn Ferry collaborates annually with Fortune to identify the World’s Most Admired Companies [WMACs]. Here, we explore what these ‘all-stars’ and industry leaders see as the essential organizational and leadership capabilities for achieving digital sustainability. In the digital economy, WMACs are clarifying their organizational purpose, shifting to a digital-first culture, putting the right talent in place, and embracing change. They are prepared.

What’s their plan of action?

Make digital number one

For most WMACs, digital sustainability is the top area of strategic focus. Becoming a digital-first company requires a culture shift centered on improving customer experience and loyalty and driving innovation. They might not be where they want to be yet, but they’re getting there fast.

See the wood, not the trees

Most WMACs have a clear organizational purpose guiding their digital strategy. It’s a roadmap that helps them prioritize, stay focused and on track. They clearly define what they want, make it happen, and then measure its effectiveness.

Be ready to evolve

WMACs are prepared to shake things up. Whether that means changing structures and roles, streamlining processes, or shifting mindsets, they’ll do what it takes to optimize for digital sustainability.

Find and keep top talent

Having the right people in the right roles will be critical to digital success. With a global shortage of digital talent, WMACs face challenges in both attracting the people they need and developing and retaining that talent. So they’re improving their employer proposition, and creating retention strategies for key digital roles.

The digital economy is transforming how businesses operate, with changing approaches to customers, growth and innovation. Is your organization prepared to succeed in this fast-moving new world? Korn Ferry has a unique understanding of what great digital organizations look like and the talent that’s needed to take them to the top.

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