Leadership Advice from Two Super Bowl Champions

Learn from some of the greatest leaders in sports.

Korn Ferry empowers ambitious individuals and businesses to Be More Than: Seize opportunities. Embrace new perspectives. Never stop learning. Be ready. In this series, Korn Ferry interviews people who are living these “Be More Than” principles.

Whether in sports or in business, the principles that make a great leader are the same. You need to start with self-awareness, engage and develop others to their highest potential, and bring the team together to achieve organizational goals.

According to Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison, “Leadership is about inspiring others to believe, and enabling that belief to become reality. It’s okay to be vulnerable! You want to meet others where they are and then take them to a better place, together. Leadership is not about you, but it starts with you.”

We interviewed two of the NFL’s strongest leaders, Andy Reid and Mark Murphy, about what leadership means to them. Watch the video below:

Name: Andy Reid
Occupation: Head Coach, Kansas City Chiefs

Career advice that I’d give a young person is to be honest and work hard. Make sure that you actually detail the work in what you present, and then have a well-thought-out plan to go for the minute details and also the monster of whatever job that you’re attacking.

We all have strengths and weaknesses in what we do. I try to relay to our team: “Maybe your strengths can cover my weaknesses, and maybe I can help take care of your weaknesses. Let’s bring them together and go dominate.”


Name: Mark Murphy
Occupation: President and CEO, Green Bay Packers

All effective leaders are empathetic. Being able to relate to other people and understand the issues that they’re dealing with really helps you become an effective manager and leader.

The really talented people and coaches look at their situations, and rather than saying, “This is useless. I can’t win,” they look at challenges and say, “What do I have to do to be successful? How can I figure out a way to win?”