Mindfulness: Getting your team to focus

Focused teams deliver. Here's how.

“Several large organizations, including Google and LinkedIn, already utilize team mindfulness.”

People talk about mindfulness and how it can boost productivity.  But what is it?  And why all the hype?  Put simply: mindfulness is a mental state which you achieve by focusing on the present moment.  So, instead of dwelling on past events or worrying about the challenges of the future, it allows you to stay here, in this moment.  Once mastered, it frees you to focus on one task at a time and empowers you to get things done.

The business world is changing, fast.  With new strategies, new technology and an uncertain future, it’s easy to become distracted.  To perform at your best, sometimes you have to take time out, slow down and breathe.

The same applies to teams.  Research has found that the highest-performing teams tend to achieve a state of ‘team mindfulness’.  Instead of allowing themselves to be caught up with diversions, all members of the team focus on themselves, the group and the tasks they need to complete. 

The results are impressive.  A shared commitment to stay ‘in the moment’ keeps everyone working towards a common goal.  Conflicts go down.  Productivity goes up. 

Despite the tremendous payoffs, team mindfulness is rare.  If you want to see how it could work for you, try:

  • Fostering emotional intelligence within your team.  Self-awareness and empathy keep everyone working closely. 
  • Empower people at every level to share when they are struggling.
  • Bring simmering disagreements to the surface and settle them before they boil over – keep the team together.
  • Encourage non-judgmental and respectful communication.
  • Focus on what is happening right now, not on what has happened or what might happen tomorrow.

Some of the biggest organizations worldwide are embracing team mindfulness. Stay one step ahead and find out more.