You’ve served us. Now we’re here to serve you.

Military Candidates

When you move on from the military, we’re right beside you

From the frontline to the Fortune 100

Businesses across the country are searching for people with the grit, focus and loyalty that’s second nature to you.

The Veterans we work with have served as Junior Military Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, Technicians and IT professionals. Every rank has something powerful to offer. We’ll equip you to find that first job and build it into a lasting career.

Find the right role, right boss and right organization

We’ve got the people, the kit and the connections to help Veterans move from active service to active careers. Through Korn Ferry Advance, we can:

  • Give you instant feedback on your resume – using the same tech as the world’s biggest companies, including Microsoft and Google
  • Share job searching strategies from world-class recruiters
  • Introduce you to hiring managers
  • Coach you through upcoming interviews

And, because we work with 98% of the Fortune 100, we can share our own insights on what it takes to succeed in almost any industry.

Not long ago, we were in active duty like you

Every member of our Military Transition team is a Veteran. So when you talk to us, you’re talking to people who’ve been there. We’ve served our country. We’ve also seen how the skills and focus you find in the military can do great things in the world of business.

And, because we’re part of Korn Ferry, we’ve got the weight and experience of the world’s leading human capital consultancy behind us.

Working with our team

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  3. Have a first orientation interview with one of our Military Recruiters
  4. Write, update or revise your resume
  5. Get access to numerous resources for you
  6. Partner with one of our career coaches
  7. Interview with the leading companies that spark your interest
  8. Review the job offers as they come rolling in
  9. Accept the right offer and get set for a new career
  10. Join our community of Korn Ferry Alumni and support other vets on their journey.