BPS Test User

Effectively apply psychometric assessments in the workplace


BPS Test User Training covers all you need to effectively and ethically apply psychometric assessments in the workplace and is verified by the British Psychological Society (BPS).

Successful completion of the course will lead to delegates being awarded the following nationally recognised BPS qualifications in test use:

  • Test User: OccupationalAbility (previously known as Level A) and;
  • Test User: OccupationalPersonality (previously known as Level B)*.

Upon completion of the coursedelegates will also be invited to join the Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU)a publicly available record that shows who is verified to BPS standardswhich is frequently referenced by clients and potential employers. Completion of the training will also lead to you being recognised as a Certified practitionerwhich provides access to our full suite of cutting-edge assessments. If you would like to be trained to use our assessmentswithout receiving formal BPS accreditationyou can attend Dimensions Certified Training.

Who it’s aimed at

The course introduces the concepts of psychometric assessment from basic principlesso there are no prerequisites for entry.

The course is aimed at HR professionalspsychologistscoachesrecruiters and specialists who wish to become qualified in the administrationinterpretation and feedback of personality questionnaires and ability tests.

Why attend

  • On completion of the courseyou will receive a nationally recognised qualification in the use and interpretation of personality and ability assessments - the BPS Occupational Test User: Personality and Ability certification.
  • These qualifications are also recognised by the European Federations of Psychologists Association (EFPA) and confer eligibility for a Euro Test User Certificate.
  • You will be eligible to join the RQTU.
  • You will learn how to best utiliseinterpret and explore psychometric results to gain powerful insights about employees at all stages of the talent lifecycle.
  • You will receive access to KFASa cutting-edge online assessment system for use in recruitmentdevelopmenthigh potential identification and team building. You will also be gain fast track access to use other BPS approved tools.

For more information on the benefits of this qualificationplease download the BPS Qualifications in Test Use.

Course format

The course consists of basic pre-readinga four-day classroom-based componentwith a series of assessmentsand the completion of a portfolio of coursework.

The coursework has been designed so that some elements are completed alongside the pre-readingsome during the four days of classroom trainingwith a small amount of work to complete after the course. This will enable you to consolidate your learning as the training progresses and to complete the portfolio in manageablebite-sized chunks. You will receive constructive and supportive feedback and guidance from your course facilitatorsand dedicated coursework tutor.

The classroom elements emphasise interaction and the practical implementation of the core concepts and skills. You will learn the essentials of safecost-effective and ethical use of assessments in the workplaceaccurate interpretation and exploration of resultsand how to deliver appropriate feedback.

You will also take part in a range of practical exercises designed to help you build skills and apply your learning. Many of these exercises are built around a realistic organisational case studyso you can understand the implications of using assessment in the real world.

We also create a supportive and engaging learning environmenthelping you to build confidence and competence in test use throughout your training.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the courseyou will:

  • Understand the best practice and cost-effective application of psychometrics at work.
  • Know how personality and ability are measured effectively and accurately.
  • Know how to administer and interpret a selection of our assessments.
  • Know how to provide accurate and high-quality feedback.
  • Know how to communicate with candidates and internal stakeholdersbefore and after assessment.

In House

If you would like more information on the option of running the BPS Test User Training in houseplease contact us