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What are you doing to prepare for the workforce of the future?

Today more than ever, our work is being done in the form of a project. We have seen huge shifts in the way work is being done, including over 70% of all work being managed as a project. This coupled with the change in the way we have adapted to virtual working and remote working is highlighting the need for project management skills, moving from solely the project professional to the rest of the employee population.

In many research studies, we have seen that as many as 90% of senior executives say they have failed to reach their strategic goal because they couldn’t convert the strategy into action. While there are many factors that contribute to this, it comes down to people with like mindsets, processes that enable efficiencies, and tools that drive the processes forward.

In partnership with Duke Corporate Education and the Korn Ferry Institute, we combine the best of cutting-edge research, world-class leadership research, and proven business techniques to deliver the end-to-end training to transform the mindsets and skillsets necessary to drive alignment and engagement across teams, business units and the entire enterprise. Our goal is to partner with you on the transformation journey to equip you with the right strategic mindset, adaptability, and expertise to lead and deliver in any context.

What we do

What sets Korn Ferry project management training apart?

With over 40 years of training experience and intellectual property in project management through our acquisition of Strategy Execution (formerly known as ESI International), Korn Ferry understands the space and recognizes the return on investment expected in professional development.


Duke University partnership

We aim for the highest standards of academic excellence, backed by our academic partner, Duke Corporate Education. Duke Corporate Education has been ranked in the top three university programs for custom executive education by the Financial Times for 19 consecutive years.

Project Execution training

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For organizations

We help organizations develop their talent by building skills and embedding methodologies for their people to help them implement and manage strategic initiatives, reduce costs, and execute projects to the highest standard. Enable your talent to better handle complexity, voluminous projects and contracts, and organizational changes with confidence. While project management was once considered a niche capability, it is now a valuable and sought-after skill set being implemented across a broad range of professions. Leading organizations have taken notice and are providing the resources and development opportunities to ensure their people are equipped to move strategy into reality.

For learners

Project-focused training can advance your career while helping you contribute to the strategic goals of your organization. Regardless of your title, department, or industry, chances are that your work gets done through a series of projects. Our learners are primarily project and program managers, program directors, IT professionals, heads of business units, and government project managers. Many employees, regardless of role, are engaged in project work yet don’t even realize it; these employees have also found value in many of our courses. Earning a certificate can help you gain expertise in a thriving discipline, be recognized for your accomplishments, and stand out from the competition.

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