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Project and program management are the skills and techniques associated with the management of work to deliver on products, services, capabilities and even organizational change. Utilizing a right blend of approaches across the spectrum of project management from prescriptive to agile to create your own hybrid approach that works best for you is key to getting work done today. It’s about “getting work done” in an efficient manner and it’s the engine that moves strategy into reality.

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Why project and program management?

Mastering this requires a unique set of skills

An organization is only as successful as its initiatives, which are created and driven by networks and individuals. Given the assumption these initiatives align with critical business objectives, the more efficiently they can be completed the better the resulting outcome. A project manager’s job is to skillfully shepherd an initiative through every stage while balancing the needs of all stakeholders with accompanying risks. And the program manager's job is about managing the interconnections between projects, programs, and operatives to deliver transformative change.

Mastery of project or program management requires a unique blend of skillsets, toolsets and mindsets that enable leaders to accurately identify the needs, scope, skills and schedule to plan for delivery. Whether it is a new product or service or a new feature release for an existing product or service while leading the team, it is important to foster the right team culture and communications and ensure the proper use of time and resources along the way.

We believe that every project manager is a leader. Because the responsibility for project completion falls on the project manager, they must possess superior communication, organizational, strategic, negotiation, and team management skills.

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What will you learn with our more prescriptive focused training?

The project management curriculum includes a fundamentals course that provides a great overview of the skills a manager needs to successfully complete a project, as well as a host of more specific courses that teach more advanced techniques like cost control and risk management.

Students that complete a project management certificate will know how to:

  • Identify and define the scope of a project
  • Break a project into smaller components with the work breakdown structure and sequence them in the most efficient way
  • Effectively manage and motivate people and teams that may not directly report to you as they implement and execute the project-based work
  • Identify potential risks that could impact a project and how to prepare to handle them if they occur
  • Deliver a project on time and within budget

Students that complete a program management certificate will know how to:

  • Identify, manage and deliver on program outcomes
  • Manage benefits realization
  • Lead multiple large projects and teams as a program
  • Direct, manage, and communicate expectations with stakeholders
  • Integrate delivery and realizing benefits

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What will you learn with our more lean and agile focused training?

High performing organizations are adept at using the right approach for the right work at the right time to find solutions to their business problems, pivot where necessary, and still keep an eye on achieving their objectives and goals.

Our approach to lean and agile project management is about providing the skills to apply the knowledge gained from any of the various certification programs to the reality of the everyday world, providing organizations the opportunity to optimize all aspects of their business operations in terms of people, process and workflow. It explores the agile mindset needed that promotes adaptability, collaboration, continuous improvement, and the elimination of waste to produce tangible and meaningful business results.

Students can expect to learn the full scope of what it means to adapt and implement Lean and Agile strategies and techniques with the more prescriptive approaches to drive plan effective strategies in today’s volatile, uncertain, changing and ambiguous (VUCA) marketplace.

Students that complete a certificate in lean and agile will know how to:

  • Evaluate and analyze organizational culture and identify areas for improvement
  • Adopt and foster a continuous improvement mindset
  • Identify waste and build programs to eliminate it
  • Perform iterative delivery of work using Scrum and Kanban Techniques
  • Prioritize work by value
  • Choose metrics that drive flow and value delivery instead of capacity and utilization

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