Talent Q Certified Training | Finland

Deploy Talent Q Elements and Dimensions in your organization

Talent Q is a set of online assessments. Talent Q measures personality (Talent Q Dimensions) and cognitive capacities (Talent Q Elements) and makes use of the latest adaptive test technologies.


The two-day Talent Q Certified Training offers you all the necessary knowledge and practical skills to be able to use the Talent Q assessments. The training is structured as follows:

  • Introduction to psychometric assessments;
  • About Talent Q Elements and Dimensions;
  • Psychometric background and substantiation;
  • Honest and fair assessments and legal issues;
  • Choosing an appropriate assessment;
  • Interpreting Elements and Dimensions;
  • Conducting the feedback interview with the candidate.

Essential experience:

There are no specific requirements for your (prior) knowledge or experience. Giving feedback about the assessment results is an important part of the Talent Q Certified Training. You will benefit if you have experience in conducting feedback conversations.

Result for the participant:

After successfully completing the Talent Q Certified Training you are certified to use Talent Q Dimensions and Elements independently.

  • You know what is measured with a personality questionnaire and a cognitive capacity test and more specifically:
  • You know what Talent Q Elements and Talent Q Dimensions measure;
  • You know how Talent Q works;
  • You know in which situations you can use Talent Q;
  • You can use Talent Q fairly and ethically;
  • You can interpret Talent Q assessment results;
  • You can give feedback (both in writing and orally) to a candidate / employee about their assessment results in a careful manner.

Benefits for the organization:

After you are certified for Talent Q, you can deploy Talent Q Elements and Dimensions in your organization. This allows your organization to collect assessment data quickly, efficiently and with a minimal investment. This provides your organization with valuable support for a variety of talent decisions: selection matching of people to positions coaching and development identifying high potentials leadership development and team building.

Target audience

Managers and HR Professionals who are involved in Management Development Recruitment or Talent Management in organizations but also individual coaches and career advisers.

Practical information

The Talent Q Certified Training is offered to you in the form of an open training. The training takes two (consecutive) days and is given at the office of Korn Ferry in Helsinki.

A maximum of 6 people can participate in a training course. A planned training takes place with a minimum of 4 registrations.

You will also receive an invitation by e-mail to take the Talent Q assessments (Dimensions and Elements). You will use your personal Talent Q report during the training days.

The training takes 2 days. Both days start at 8 a.m. and last until approximately 4 p.m.

For more information, contact

Mikael Aarnio: mikael.aarnio@kornferry.com