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Is your culture an asset or a liability?

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You can’t transform without changing minds at scale

Culture is your organization’s DNA. It’s deeply embedded in your people’s values, assumptions, behaviors and attitudes. It’s the glue that makes your company unique.

When your culture aligns with your company’s purpose, strategies and business goals, it accelerates your growth, improves employee engagement, reduces risk and builds your brand. But when it doesn’t, your employees won’t feel as connected to their jobs. They won’t be as productive. Your company may miss its revenue targets. And transformation may become difficult, if not impossible.

We create experiences that prompt mindset shifts—sparking the desire to do things differently and the energy to sustain behavioral change at scale. We work proactively and reactively to facilitate transformation. We help boards, CEOs and CHROs track their cultural health to make sure it’s working for—not against—them. Our unique advantage lies in our deep understanding of human nature, our vast database of insights on the human experience and our ability to redesign the complete human operating system. Because when you get your culture right, everything else follows.

How we help you

We don't leave your cultural transformation to chance. We help you define it, design it and nurture it — so it supports your strategy and sets you up to get ahead.

We’ve pulled everything we know about organizational psychology and human behavior into our proven Culture 360 approach. Culture 360 evolves organizations’ ways of working in times of rapid business, social and cultural shifts. It touches each aspect of transformation: every lever of change and every layer of your organization.

We’re the only consulting firm that takes a holistic approach to cultural transformation. We help you pull a full range of structural and behavioral levers in the right combinations and at the right times to produce the desired shifts for individual and organizational behaviors—driving real change.

Culture 360 will help you:

  • Align leadership and set up structures to manage your culture
  • Develop a blueprint for the culture that gets results from your strategy sooner
  • Assess the gap between the culture you have and the culture you want
  • Define or evolve your purpose, values and behaviors so they support your organizational transformation
  • Fix any policies, processes and practices that block new ways of working
  • Drive mindset and behavior change with the right communications, training and talent processes
  • Track progress towards your objectives

Our consultants use Culture 360 with businesses around the world to change behavior at scale and sync culture with strategy. In short, we design the business you need to hit your goals: with the right organizational design, talent strategy, communications, behaviors and mindset to make change last.

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