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Korn Ferry

Give employees a clear picture of growth opportunities

And drive engagement.

Career Frameworks

Career frameworks drive engagement by giving employees a clear picture of the growth opportunities open to them within the organization. They also serve as a platform for business critical initiatives such as strategic workforce planning.

Working with Korn Ferry Hay Group

Building effective career frameworks requires a deep knowledge of job analysis, work measurement and competencies, and no one knows these better than Korn Ferry Hay Group.

We have decades of experience helping clients build career frameworks that suit their business. Because we have an extensive database of job families we can offer off-the-shelf solutions or custom built frameworks. Alternatively, we can start with an 80 per cent solution and then refine it to suit your needs.

Our methodology for analyzing and understanding work includes both the technical and behavioral skill sets needed to be successful in any particular role. So you can be confident that the career paths you build are realistic and that you have the foundations in place to assess people against individual roles.

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