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Case Studies

A small selection of our most recent achievements is provided below.

Organizational Strategy and Change Management project for a confidential government agency.

Through this project, the client redefined itself into the most sought-after provider of digital products in their field in the U.S. government, pushing their products into the hands of its users. Korn Ferry partnered with the agency to help guide the transformation, conduct a complete workflow reengineering, and redefine the requisite traits for a successful workforce.

The agency now has a leadership model tied to its overall mission, strategy and goals, driving greater accountability and enshrining a performance mindset. The leadership team has also transformed itself, becoming more self- aware regarding the capabilities and leadership competencies that are keys to a successful transformation. As a result, the agency has created the foundation for sustainable, high-impact performance, helping to ensure it stays at the top of its field.

Leadership Development project at a confidential government agency.

This client anticipated an increased demand for its services and at the same time increased levels of turnover in the executive ranks. To prepare for this talent crunch, the agency developed an initiative to expand its pool of high-potential leaders and to equip these leaders with the skills necessary to excel in critical executive leadership roles.

As part of this initiative, the Korn Ferry team delivered a customized assessment model to accurately determine development needs and to measure current readiness of individuals to assume higher levels of leadership. Korn Ferry identified and measured the organization’s leadership competencies and then created scenarios for participants to mirror the challenges that the executives commonly faced. Participants then created their own development plan and worked with coaches to deliver on their plan.

Participants rated their experience with the project, with the results showing that the vast majority of participants agreed with the following statements:

  • Overall this was a high quality experience: 94%
  • Discussion helped me learn what I need to do to develop my skills: 91%
  • On this process, I intend to do some things differently to increase my effectiveness: 96%

Diversity and Inclusion project at a confidential government agency.

With the increasingly diverse character of its current workforce, a government agency recognized the need to address the changing demographics. The client desired to focus on the need to retain top talent and the need to engage all personnel. It decided that diversity and inclusion were top priorities. Korn Ferry was brought in to help: 1) define the business case for diversity and inclusion and, 2) identify opportunities to understand, value, and leverage diversity with the goal of building and supporting a more collaborative culture and engaged workforce.

Through a situation needs analysis, Korn Ferry defined the strategic imperatives in creating a more diverse workplace (e.g., recruiting, talent development, community involvement). This analysis led to the deployment of The Appreciating Differences™ diversity and inclusion training –program, a one-day interactive program designed for leaders and employees across all functions and levels in the organization. Korn Ferry also partnered with the organization to design and support implementation of a mentoring solution. A progressive diversity and mentorship team was certified and selected to facilitate the process.

As a result of this project, the agency created a shift in the culture of diversity and inclusion, from “compliance-driven” to supporting an environment where employees worked to achieve their fullest potential. Since inception, over 700 employees at all levels have participated in the Appreciating Differences™ program. The client continues to demonstrate critical leadership tenets that sustain the diversity and inclusion mission.

Recruiting Strategy and Team Development project for a government agency.

A major government agency wanted to increase the success of and effectiveness of a specific occupational group within their organization. The agency engaged in the development of a comprehensive workforce strategic plan to identify, recruit, and retain talent through improving their recruiting efforts, as well as incorporating onboarding, employee training, and career development and management. Korn Ferry was brought in to help the organization improve its internal and external recruitment strategy and to modernize the current workforce model and career development roadmap for that occupational group.

The team developed a workforce strategy linked to the organization’s strategic plan and created a strategy implementation plan for the group. The team also facilitated the identification of key leadership competencies for the occupation, based on the Lominger Leadership Architect Library, and designed a new candidate screening and selection process based on the selected competencies.

The agency now has a fully-integrated workforce model and development roadmap that links specific leadership and technical competencies to diagnostic tools, suggested in-place assignments, training, and a proficiency self-assessment-- all based on the Lominger competency library. New hires to the organization are recruited and selected based on specific competencies tied to the organization’s strategic goals and, as a result of the onboarding efforts, are able to acclimate quickly to the new organization.

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