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Downsizing and making layoffs are never easy things for companies to do.

Badly handled layoffs can be costly, damaging your brand and making you less attractive as an employer. This can also cause apathy, disengagement, and lower productivity amongst employees that remain.

Having a quality outplacement program can help mitigate this and protect your reputation—but only if it is comprehensive, widely available and affordable.

We can help all your exiting employees successfully transition their careers. Our comprehensive, end-to-end solution combines personalized assessment, learning, and coaching all within a single platform.

We ensure that your people are fully supported until their well-being and careers are restored. Through our direct connections with tens of thousands of companies worldwide, former employees will be connected to available roles at a breadth and scale that no organization can match. And our support doesn’t end there—because once they’ve found that new role, we’ll carry on working with them to help them succeed in their new career. Our goal is to turn your exiting employees into potential advocates—boosting your reputation with customers, suppliers, and remaining employees.

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How we can help you

With our career transition and outplacement services, your employees get one-to-one interaction with real people, plus the focused and targeted insights, tools, training and support they’ll need to get their career back on track. Meanwhile, you’ll get an all-encompassing, scalable solution that is easy to use and saves you money.

Here are some of the ways in which we can support you and your employees:

Outplacement support is often limited to helping executives because of cost and logistical demands. We offer personalized, one-to-one service for all your employees—from entry level to executives. Our connections to talent teams at tens of thousands of companies means we connect displaced employees to available roles at a breadth and scale that our competitors can’t match. With Korn Ferry career transition services, 92% of laid-off employees found a job better than (80%) or equal to (12%) the one they left. Faster placements also mitigate the costs and reputational risks of layoffs.

Our one-to-one, personalized contact with live coaches through our outplacement services is critical to employees’ mental health. Our dedicated coaches are available globally to chat and engage with your employees as often as they want. While other companies substitute technology and electronic delivery programs for human contact, our integrated technology platform makes learning and coaching part of a powerful, sustainable career journey.

We help your employees reskill and upskill to be competitive in the market. Your employees get access to 3,000+ courses and leadership amplification workshops that will give them an edge in interviews and allow them to perform better across their careers. Employees also get indefinite access to our online career management website and app, so they can take steps to enhance their career over time and position themselves for promotions and job growth.

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