Workforce Transformation

Choose your own future

What might the future hold for your organization, and what kind of workforce can tackle that future? We use our dynamic market data and robust organizational archetypes drawn from the Korn Ferry Intelligence Cloud across jobs, structures and people to plan a workforce and vision for the future that is unique to your organization, not copy-pasted out of a list of trends. Here are some of the ways in which we help:

  • Define future-facing capabilities. Understand the human and technological capacity needed to drive that vision, including contingent work, robotics, bots, partnerships and ecosystems
  • Compare your future vision to the current reality using a data-driven approach—what is today’s work vs. the work of tomorrow?
  • Strategic workforce planning informed by dynamic market data via the Korn Ferry Intelligence Cloud that makes sense today and tomorrow
  • Imagine an array of workforce futures accounting for the impacts of slow vs. fast change, and how different workforce choices may play out in real life

How can you reshape the work and the skills of the organization to drive the right future workforce? We have deep acumen, enabled by AI tools, in shaping the architecture of work—and the jobs that power it. We also understand career pathing driven by data and science around the transitions between roles. We draw on both to help you plan the transition to your future of work. Here are some of the ways in which we can help:

  • Understand how needed skills should flow through the way work is planned at your organization—from high-level structure down to the nitty-gritty of jobs
  • Build a holistic plan to close volume gaps, including re-skilling/upskilling to physical workplace and changes to rewards strategy
  • Prepare for short-term challenges and setbacks—transformation is rarely straightforward and easy

We don’t stop at designing a blueprint for change. We’ll stay by your side to make that blueprint a reality—upskilling and reskilling your workforce, transforming your culture and employee experience and capturing hearts and minds along the journey. Here are some of the ways we can help:

  • Redevelop talent through custom learning journeys that drive new workforce behaviors with specificity at scale
  • Develop a build / buy strategy and acquire new talent where needed
  • Create an employee experience—through culture shaping and change management that activates new ways of working
  • Build new capability and infrastructure to support new ways of working and new work being done
  • Continually assess and adjust, recognizing that shifting needs and contexts will always require new perspectives and solutions
  • Talk to an expert
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