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A Unique Time

for a Unique Position.

Diversity Officers

Taking a More Focused Approach

It is well established that diverse teams achieve better results than homogenous teams. In order to create, maintain and leverage a diverse workforce, business as usual is not effective enough. To help provide a strategic framework, more and more organizations are turning to Diversity and Inclusion Practitioners to help lead the way.

A Unique Time for a Unique Position

Diversity makes headlines as well as a difference to the bottom line. The world is talking about women in senior leadership roles, particularly in the technology space. Discussions on how to integrate Millennials with Baby Boomers, support gender transition, ensure religious tolerance and manage freedom of expression are spreading beyond the boardroom. The role of Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) has never been more important. Almost 60% of the Fortune 500 have CDOs or equivalent.

As a result, internal promotions and word-of-mouth referrals for this strategically imperative position are in decline, while competition to hire the best external candidates is intensifying. Our expert and highly experienced CDO Search Practice is uniquely positioned to source assess and place these individuals.

Executive Search with a Difference

The CDO Search Practice leverages Korn Ferry’s knowledge and expertise in executive search and offers clients the benefit of varied and deep experience in the diversity arena.

Korn Ferry has uniquely identified key leadership attributes of the most effective Diversity and Inclusion practitioners and has validated these through research. As a result, we not only source the best potential candidates, we also rigorously assess them against field tested, best-in-class leaders.

The team includes former CDOs and HR practitioners who provide us with an unparalleled knowledge of the value of diversity in organizations and strong relationships with the talent community. The practice is also unique in that it is supported by the world’s leading HR Executive Search Practice as well research and insight from Korn Ferry’s Workforce Performance, Inclusion and Diversity Practice (formerly Global Novations.) It is a robust, well-rounded system that enables us to confidently assist clients in establishing skills gap analyses, developing position profiles, and assessing and recommending first-class candidates.

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