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Leveraging Talent to Drive Results

Your organization finds itself in the midst of a fast-moving digital revolution. In the wake of advances in switching and networking technologies, many clients are moving to cloud networking solutions and SDNs. This shift, along with rising competition in bundled solutions and rapidly emerging technology are creating major new market challenges – and opportunities.

You have responded to this “imperfect” storm of digital change through a major organizational transformation, changing how you are structured, how you build and delivers technology, and how you engage customers.

As CEO Chuck Robbins has asserted, Cisco is “aggressively investing in priority areas to drive growth over the long term, regardless of the environment.”

Through your “Build, Buy, Partner, Invest, and Co-Develop” strategy, you are integrating design thinking into product/solution development. You are forming new structures and processes and creating an “open-border” culture to facilitate trans-enterprise collaboration. You also are realigning talent and resources.

Just how serious you are about embracing this new strategy can be seen in how aggressively you are growing your security business through acquisitions and investment in the IoT. Simply put, your organization is attempting a critical but challenging course change while continuing to steam full speed ahead.