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The need for effective leadership has never been greater. Success will depend on how rapidly and decisively your organization is able to respond. Are your leadership teams properly equipped to lead the way?

Korn Ferry’s Executive Development and Coaching practice provides leaders with the capabilities they need to rise to the challenges and maximize the opportunities facing their organization now and in the future.

Drawing on the richest portfolio of assessment tools on the market and combining standardized methodologies with a highly tailored approach, we have an unmatched ability to enhance effectiveness at the individual, team, and organizational level.

Coaching inside out and outside in.

We believe the best approach to executive coaching is a combination of “inside-out” and “outside-in.” Inside-out coaching focuses on individual drivers and goals: we help leaders clarify their goals, and gain insight into how their beliefs, values, and motivations drive their behaviors at work. Outside-in coaching focuses on organization goals: we help leaders better understand what their organization defines as a success profile and how others perceive them relative to that profile. By integrating these two coaching elements, we are able to help leaders transform performance at a personal, interpersonal, and organizational level.


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Who’s on the team?

We have more than 500 coaches around the world who combine not only a track record of coaching success, but also extensive business experience, usually at a senior management level. Our coaches are held to the highest standards of ethics and are required to successfully complete a three-phase process of recruitment, certification, and development before working with clients:

Choose from a range of coaching solutions.

  • Transition and onboarding coaching: Focuses on accelerating performance and improving leaders’ success during the first 100 days of a critical transition, whether onboarding from outside the organization, or transitioning internally through a promotion, international assignment, or a lateral rotation.
  • Executive Coaching: Fosters the development of strategic leadership competencies, whether it is part of an enterprise-wide initiative or an individual development plan.
  • Systemic and Enterprise leadership coaching: Accelerates organizational development through multiple executive coaching engagements that are aligned to the business strategy, building personal, team, and strategic leadership.
  • Cohort and team coaching: Enables small groups of leaders with shared development goals to improve individual and organizational effectiveness while also forming new business partnerships.
  • Reinforcement coaching: Reinforces new leadership behaviors through ongoing coaching and practice. Ideal following assessments or development programs.
  • Specialized, topical coaching: Builds effectiveness for leaders that are exposed to unique challenges. Korn Ferry coaches with highly specialized skills and backgrounds focus on a variety of topics: Communications and executive presence: builds presentation skills, stronger messaging, and personal brand in both small and large group settings. Women in leadership: focuses on the unique challenges of women as executive leaders. Cultural dexterity: for executives working in cross-cultural environments, including expatriate assignments. Efficacy coaching: for executive leaders from underrepresented groups who face unique challenges.
A five-stage development approach.
Although Korn Ferry coaching and development services are highly adaptive and personalized, we leverage a structured five-step process that has been proven over time and across organizations to produce excellent results. The five steps help leaders build: Insight, Motivation, Skills, Practice & Accountability.




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