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Competency Modeling

How can you be sure you have the right leaders for your business when your business changes day by day?

Through competency modeling, we enable organizations around the world to successfully match specific people to specific roles, even as the requirements of those roles continuously change and evolve. This not only secures closer alignment between talent strategy and business strategy, but also helps minimize risk to investment when recruiting or developing employees.

What is competency modeling?

Competency modeling is very different from traditional job analysis. The aim is not to encapsulate how a role has been performed to date, but rather to identify the behaviors that will be needed to achieve long-term strategic goals. In this sense, competency modeling is forward looking and not rooted in the past.

The advantage of using competencies is that they are measurable skills, attitudes, or attributes that can be closely aligned to organizational strategy. Examples of competencies include business acumen, patience, perspective, and planning.

Competency modeling brings proven benefits.

Organizations that use competency models to guide their selection and development efforts enjoy several key benefits:

  • Greater alignment with business objectives.
  • Enhanced productivity.
  • Increased workforce nimbleness.
  • Improved ability to identify and develop high potentials.
  • Better retention of top talent.

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Competency Modeling

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