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Competency Modeling Case Studies

Below you will find just a few examples of the many different ways we have used competency modeling to help organizations transform, develop and grow.

Multinational IT firm.

A global technology firm with approximately 91,000 employees sought to develop a comprehensive talent-management vocabulary for their internal HR processes. We helped them by designing, developing and implementing a global competency framework with linkages to their development, recruitment and performance processes and, in particular, their succession-planning process. This competency-model language is now the global common currency for describing talent management in the organization.

$40 billion+ Fortune 100 company.

This organization’s rapid expansion – the company had tripled its number of stores in ten years – had put an immense amount of pressure on its IT teams, which were struggling to adapt to business growth in an increasingly siloed environment. As part of a multi-pronged talent-management solution, we used competency modeling, as well as management assessment, leadership development and organization design, to enable the firm to deploy a new global leadership model that was fully aligned with talent and business strategies.

Education company.

We worked with this school to create a customized leadership competency profile that would aid the development of its executive MBA students. The profile was used as a foundation for creating a customized assessment process, individual development planning, one-on-one coaching and a series of learning workshops. This has helped the school differentiate its MBA program from competitors regionally and nationally.

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