Robert Eichinger
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Robert Eichinger

Vice Chairman, Korn Ferry Institute

Bob Eichinger is the Vice Chairman of the Korn Ferry Institute for Korn Ferry, and is based in Minneapolis.

As a co-founder of Lominger International, Dr. Eichinger brings more than four decades of experience working, teaching, consulting, and coaching.

Prior to Korn Ferry’s acquisition of Lominger International in 2006, he was co-founder and CEO of Lominger Limited, Inc., a publisher of leadership development products and solutions.

Prior to co-founding Lominger, he was with Pillsbury in Minneapolis, where he led employment, affirmative action, training, management and executive development, and was Total Quality Management co-chair.

Before Pillsbury, Dr. Eichinger was with PepsiCo in New York as the director of management development in three divisions: Pepsi‑Cola USA; PepsiCo International, where he was in charge of international executive development; and PepsiCo Corporate, where he led executive development across all of PepsiCo.

Earlier in his career, he spent a decade with LWFW, a management consulting firm in Texas specializing in executive assessment and development, training and development, organization development, quality and work design, and market research.

Dr. Eichinger began his career at the University of Minnesota, where he spent eight years teaching psychology.

He holds a Ph.D. in industrial and organizational psychology from the University of Minnesota.